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Porsche PIWIS

PIWIS is the latest inspection equipment of the Porsche Company.

It can read codes, clear codes for all type of Porsche vehicles. It also could test, program & guard against theft according to its data flow.

It could lead to malfunction self-inspect and full car circuit diagram for the car which was made after 2005.

It also has the function of measuring leads for multi-meter.

It's the essential equipment for Porsche vehicle technicians.

Other Features:
Laptop based PIWIS Tester for Porsche, supports Diagnosis/Programming/Coding/Key Programming

The PIWIS Tester is a modular, portable diagnostic, information, and measuring system.

Data and measured values can be printed using the USB-interface with an external.

PIWIS Package Includes:
2-USB cable
3-OBD II cable
4-PIWIS software Harddisk
5-Laptop T30(optional).

 适用车型   所有
 语言   中文/英文等
 操作系统   WinXP
 数量:   1SET
 日期:   2009-10-1
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