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This Computer Based Training programme provides an introduction to CAN-Bus systems and forms a basis for further study.

Chapter 1 looks at how vehicle electrical systems have developed over the years and the benefits and difficulties that it has brought about. It also describes how engineers have developed Digital Networks to reduce the number of cables while simultaneously speeding-up communication.

Chapter 2 describes the basic principles of Digital Data Transfer including "Bits and Bytes", which form the basis of Digital Communication. There are two basic types of Digital Communication - Series and Parallel and this chapter compares the advantages and disadvantages of both types. In addition, chapter 2 also looks at the different operating speeds of Digital Networks.

Chapter 3 shows the operation of a CAN-Bus system and its advantages. The layout of the system, including CAN-High and CAN-Low cables and the construction of the CAN messages (Data Telegrams) are explained. The CAN's unique advantage of message priority and being able to easily extend the system to include other control modules is also covered.

Chapter 4 looks at the different CAN-Bus networks and the versions that are used in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This chapter also enables students to discover the differences between the CAN-Bus systems used in commercial vehicles and those of passenger cars. Variations include 2 and 4-cable systems and different operating speeds. The function of the Gateway is also covered.

Chapter 5 explains how to identify the different CAN networks and looks at the colour of the CAN cables. It also shows the location of some of the CAN connectors on the vehicles.

Chapter 6 briefly shows students how to approach Logical Fault-Diagnosis of CAN-Bus systems and allows students to choose between a Passenger Car and Commercial Vehicle route.

The 7th and final chapter is an Assessment. It uses a variety of question types to check students understanding of the complete disc.

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