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Mitchell UltraMate 7.0.5

Mitchell UltraMate 7

UltraMate CDs are distributed on a regular basis 11 to 15 times per year. While every effort is made to distribute the update on a regular monthly interval, numerous factors influence the preparation of the CD, such as the incorporation of part price updates and the addition of new model information. Therefore, delivery times of UltraMate CDs may vary.

Mitchell receives parts pricing updates periodically from many OEM sources. Each of these sources may change their parts prices at any time during a month or year. Mitchell makes every effort possible to provide the most current and updated information to the customer. However, there may be times when Mitchell has received updated pricing after the UltraMate CD has been produced and
shipped. Therefore, the new pricing will have to be included in a future release. It is always advisable to check with your local OEM parts source before committing your estimate and ordering parts if there is any uncertainty as to the accuracy of the parts pricing information.

 地区   所有
 语言   英文
 操作系统   WinXP, Win7
 数量:   1 DVD
 日期:   2013-8-1
 价格(元):   200 元

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